Month: July 2018

What Do F1 Drivers Eat Pre-Race?

All athletes need to follow the right diet to stay healthy. That is especially so for Formula One drivers, who need to be physically fit and mentally alert too. Exercise is important too, as they need to have a strong core, especially around the neck. The G-force they feel when cornering can make the crash helmet seem five times as heavy as normal. They also need the stamina of long-distance athletes because a typical race lasts 90 minutes. Having the right fuel in their bodies is just as important for the drivers as for their cars.

Keeping the Weight Off

Drivers train hard to be physically fit, but exercise is just half the battle. They also need to eat and drink the right nutrients and keep their weight down. Excess weight means more weight in the car, which adds to the lap times. The heat in the cockpit is also … Read the rest